Taste A Memory. Bake A Memory.

Recently I have been noticing that certain smells and especially certain tastes bring back floods of memories. Earlier in the lovely summer months, friends and I would sit on my ...full article


Cold & Flu Season
 – 7 Ways to Remain Unscathed

1. Wash those germs down the drain! Hand washing is the number one way to prevent catching a cold or the flu. Just think about where your hands have been! ...full article


Have Another Cup

Coffee has long been known as a rich source of antioxidants. There’s even more good news for diabetics who enjoy a hot cup of java. A new study from Harvard ...full article

Meghan explores Biltmore Village in comfort and style with fashions and 
accessories from Monkee’s of Biltmore.

Colorful Fall Fashions

Colorful Fall Fashions ...full article


Stitching Through Nature

Written by Camille Wick Moe Donnelly has been following her passion as a seamstress since the mid-1990s and is able to fully support herself as an artist. “I am incredibly ...full article

“This is Where I Leave You”

this is where i leave u

“This is Where I Leave You” looked like an offbeat dark comedy about death, family, and revisiting your hometown as an adult. The plot centers around the Altman family, who

Betty’s No-Fail Pie Crust

Betty’s no-fail pie crust!

All About | Pallet Flower Boxes


Materials: Pallet Hammer, Nails Straight-Edge Circular Saw Kitten Supervisor  

So-Social (Sophie Online)

November Social Media Favorites From Sophie’s Social Empress: Kirsten Fuchs FAVORITE BLOG: 
The Inspired Room Melissa loves to share about her 
own home and things that inspire her about decorating,

Fabric Book Cover


Looking for a way to spend the cool days coming our way? Get out your fabric scrap basket and start stitching!