Easter Egg Wreath

I’ve been seeing these embroidery floss eggs
 everywhere lately. They are usually in a bowl or 
strung into a garland. While browsing on Pinterest,
 I saw a wreath using the ...full article


Orchids: The Absolute BEST, No Maintenance House Plant!

Okay I know a lot of you are scratching your heads in total confusion.  However I tell you it is true: orchids require less care to be happy than any ...full article


Table Manners Matter

I grew up in a family of six, and every night, my mother cooked a full course meal. The pots, pans, and utensils used to cook the meal were never ...full article


Hop Into Spring!

Get ready for spring with these cheerful and colorful crafts! Crocheted Basket & Flowers For the crochet basket, I suggest going to to
find a pattern. There are several free ...full article

If you think these colors are vibrant, just wait until you see it when it's done! Photo taken by Rebecca Roberts.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner I wanted to share a recipe from my childhood that I can remember almost like it was yesterday. I was quite young and

Vacation Packing: A How-to

The pants that I got from Sears are great with a blue jean jacket and wedges for a more casual yet dressy feel, even if you are going out for a nice dinner. Photo taken by Therese Roberts.

It isn’t quite summer yet but a gal can dream of the glorious warm weather and much needed summer break to come, right? I would like to start giving outfit

Still Alice

still alice

I am so happy for Julianne Moore, now that she has finally gotten the Academy Award for Best Actress for her new movie, “Still Alice,” which she so richly deserved.

The New Kind of Frozen Dinner 2.0

A tasty meal after a hard days work! Photo taken by Rebecca Roberts.

As you may have read, my last blog was about the new kind of frozen dinner where you make your dinner in advance, put it in the freezer until you’re

The New Kind of Frozen Dinner

One bite and you'll be craving for more! Photo taken by Rebecca Roberts.

Prepare yourselves, readers! Prepare yourselves after a long day of work to simply turn on your oven and pop your dinner inside. And I don’t mean the pre-made frozen dinner