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Every little wish and every little dream
has a chance of coming true at Christmas.
Every little song sung throughout the year
has a chance of being heard at Christmas. This verse is ...full article


Let’s Get Cooking – Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies, as we know them today, trace their roots to Medieval European recipes. Neolithic farmers would bake confections comprised of grain and water paste on hot stones.
It is believed ...full article


Santa’s Cookies In A Jar

We all have friends, teachers, neighbors, colleagues and bosses to gift around the holidays. Cookies in a jar are the perfect way to give a treat without breaking the bank. ...full article


Making Medicine Personal

When young Lynn G. Dressier was tearing off the legs of bugs to look at them under the toy microscope she received for her birthday, she was already developing a ...full article


Snowshoes In The Garden?

Betty Sharpless is a free-lance gardener with a quilt frame for bad weather and a horribly overgrown garden for sunny days. As many of you know, winter is when I ...full article

March of Dimes 2014 Signature Chefs Auction

The highly anticipated March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction and Gala was held Friday,
November 7th at Biltmore Estate – Lioncrest and featured the area’s most exquisite chefs and tempting auction

Stay Healthy This Holiday Season


Written by Medea Galligan, MS Nutrition, CHHC, AADP Although many of us find it challenging to stay healthy during the year, the Holiday season brings with it its own set



Don’t know what to do with all of your old cards. Make them into gift tags! You will need: Old cards Scissors Hole puncher Reinforced rings Yarn or string Pick

Poinsettia Fun Flower Facts


No flower says Christmas like the beautiful poinsettia. Here
 are a few interesting facts about this traditional
 Christmas plant. Dr. Joel Roberts Poinsett, an amateur botanist 
and first United States

Retail Madness

One of my co-workers begged me to write about the lives of retail and other service-industry workers and what we face during the holidays. Don’t get me wrong. I love