Photography by Max Ganly Photography • Model: Kathryn Williams with Gage Models and Talent • Designer: Design Team at House of Fabrics.

2015 Asheville Fashion Review

As we get close to the end of 2015, the Sophie Magazine staff thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of the local fashion of the year as a ...full article


Twice the Wamth

During the winter season, let your outerwear shine by complimenting a beautiful outfit and keeping warm at the same time. Layer a flowy dress, long jewelry and warm leggings for ...full article

Designs by Angela Kim

Angela Kim’s Holiday Style Event

Local Fashion Designer Angela Kim presented her limited edition Holiday Collection at Monkee’s of Biltmore, 7 All Souls Crescent in Asheville on Friday December 11th. The Collection included stylish cocktail ...full article


Girls on the Run

On the morning of Saturday, December 5th, over 1,300 people turned out in attendance of the annual Girls on the Run 5k event on the campus of UNC Asheville. For ...full article


No More “Uglying Up” In The New Year.

We all know the drill. The New Year has dawned, and we’re supposed to whip out our pens and pads or electronic devices and labor about how great our lives ...full article


Top 10 Self-improvement Applications

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Women Unite To Write!

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Chocolate and Wine Pairing

Go Big or Go Sweet: Pairing Chocolate and Wine

Whether it’s by yourself or with the one you love, is there anything more decadent than enjoying a bottle of red wine with chocolate? You might say, when two good ...full article

Asheville Fashion Mobs Again!

Asheville FASHMOB VI

The latest in the Asheville’s FASHMOB series, FASHMOB IV – Inferno, took place on Friday, January 15th at the GROVE HOUSE Entertainment Complex. The Asheville Fashion & Photography event is

Twice the Wamth


During the winter season, let your outerwear shine by complimenting a beautiful outfit and keeping warm at the same time. Layer a flowy dress, long jewelry and warm leggings for



In a chronically-corrupt world, it is so inspiring to hear stories about whistle-blowers, and people trying to do the right thing and expose the truth. A shining example of this

Asheville FASHMOB VI: Duncan Chaboudy’s Photographs

Photographer: Duncan Chaboudy
Models: (Left to Right) Ginger, Sarah Johns, Aislin Pax, Emily Presnell, Makenzy Mull
Designs: Angela Kim Designs
Makeup: Danielle Southcott
Hair Team: Bitton AtLola of Lola Salon and Gallery, Jenna Wilson of Love, Daisy

Duncan Chaboudy is the Mastermind behind the Asheville FASHMOB events. He resides in Asheville, is the Owner/Operator of Studio 250, and photographer at Duncan Chaboudy Photography. Duncan specializes in portrait /

Asheville FASHMOB VI: Max Ganly’s Photographs

FASHMOB VI - Inferno
Photographer: Max Ganly
Model: Aislin Pax
Designs: Angela Kim Designs
Hair: Britton AtLola

One of Asheville’s outstanding photographers, Max Ganly, is an Asheville Native. Max is a full time professional photographer that is passionate, creative and very personable. He specializes in Fashion and Portrait

Asheville FASHMOB VI: Christopher Gill’s Photographs

FASHMOB VI - Inferno
Photographer: Christopher Gill
Model: Leslie Rogers
Designer: Danielle Miller with Royal Peasantry
Makeup: Iliana Guardado
Hair: Athena Bowers

To put it simply, Christopher is an artist who is recognized for his ability to hold space. Seventeen years ago his photography began mainly as an avenue to attend concerts