Directed by SARA FIELDS   In its third year, Asheville Community Theatre fundraiser Costume Drama wowed another sold-out audience with fashion designs created in the categories of: Paper, Nature, Transformation ...full article


All About | Kittens

Photography by JeanAnn Taylor I had just come home from work on a Friday afternoon. I was hot, tired and all I wanted to do was have a cold drink ...full article


More Than a Pretty Picture

An interview with Katherine Brooks “I like to represent people at their best; I want my photographs to be empowering to them, to give them confidence.” Katherine Brooks believes that ...full article


Low-fat Peach Ice Cream

Do you love fresh peaches? This fresh peach ice cream is the perfect summer dessert for you. We love the fresh taste and beautiful natural color. It’s easy to enjoy ...full article


Royal Ratatouille

You planted those Black Beauty zucchinis back in March with the best of intentions. But with every subsequent summer rain, the fruits swell to comically large proportions. By summer’s end, ...full article

Travel Chic Make-Up Bag


Travel Chic Show off your savvy travel style with this “make-up” bag. Everything will stay in place with the pockets that you can make to fit your brushes, mascara, and

Women breaking the grape ceiling: opposite’s attract


 Opposite’s Attract The reason why ice cream and bitters works is because opposites attract. Ever cooked with Bitters? If you haven’t you are missing out on one of the best

Why Are We Working So Hard?


What happens when we get too caught up in the “external world”? 
We hinder our process of self development. Work, particularly when it’s meaningful, heartfelt, and our passion, can keep

Drink The Harvest


Drinking the Harvest was a delightful surprise from start to finish. As a long time home gardener and food preserver, I found it hard to believe that there could be

Eating Healthy On The Go


Written by Medea Galligan, MS Nutrition, CHHC, AADP Let’s be honest, eating healthy these days takes education, planning and a determination to make conscious decisions about what we are and