How ‘Bout Them Apples?

Round, rosy, sometimes tart, often sweet and definitely saucy, the apple can be cooked, baked, chopped into salads, served alongside cheese and, of course, enjoyed straight from the tree, au ...full article


Asheville Fashion Week

Asheville Fashion Week made possible by Gage Models and Talent Agency owner, Jaime Hemsley and her team, took place August 5th through 8th at venues around downtown Asheville including the ...full article


Hitting The Trail with Rover

Fall is a great time of year in the mountains. The weather is wonderful, and the leaves are changing to their beautiful reds, yellows and oranges. What better time to ...full article


My Sweet Psychotic Dog

My dog has gone psycho. He needs therapy, rehab, Xanax, a Thundershirt, a new fence, some Prozac and possibly Lithium. Oh, but I love him so. For anyone who’s read ...full article

Girl’s Day Out

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Clothing & Accessories: Francesca’s Collections Hair: Brittanny Craig (Carmen! Carmen!) & Stefanie Williams Makeup: Jessica Dodd & Jessica Drennen Fashion Coordinator: Angela Ramsey Assistant Fashion Stylists: Catherine Kupec, Eleni Mariner,

Nip it, Tuck it… or just Age Gracefully


Sometimes I sit around and watch that mindless, drivel of a show called “Botched,” about plastic surgery gone all up into major wrongness. Picture a set of lips so inflated

The Healing Power of Yoga

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  Camille Maybin   Camille is a native of the beautiful mountains of Asheville, NC. Yoga found her 4 years ago during her undergrad years. One of the things that

Women of WNC

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Natalie Bogwalker, Front Woman for Wild Abundance


From a very young age, Natalie Bogwalker felt a strong desire to do something with her life that helped humanity. She started in school for genetic engineering, originally wanting to