An Extensive Kitchen Renovation: Paul worked with his client one-on-one until they had everything they wanted in their new kitchen design.

“If You Can Dream It, I Can Build It!”

Paul Kline never thought about
what he wanted to be when he grew up. He was building bridges and cabins with Lincoln Logs before he even began kindergarten. Building is his ...full article

Lumiere White Heart Blouse $51.60
Black & White Flying Tomato Bandage Skirt $63
Black Felt Hat $27
Red Urban Expressions Clutch/Wallet $45
Laura & Lilly Beaded Bracelets (1) $15/ (3) $30

Dress For 
The Date!

Whether your status is satisfactorily single, totally taken, or looking for love, do something this Valentine’s Day with someone you care for in outfits that fit the occasion! Anna Grace ...full article


Young, In Love & In High Demand

Twenty-five year old Melanie Norris has a unique approach to her watercolor portraits. “In my portraits I hope to capture some universal spirit or emotion,” Melanie explained. “Not just specific ...full article


Orange You Glad?

My husband likes to tell the story of how his grandmother would put an orange in his stocking each Christmas. A self-declared “junkfoodie”, the child version of my husband preferred ...full article

Spring Cleaning…A Few Weeks Early!

I might not be able to clean for you, but I can offer a few helpful tips to make the process a bit easier! Photo taken by Rebecca Roberts.

On a cold, snowy morning in Cullowhee, NC inside my warm, but somewhat messy single apartment I began to think about how I would spend my day. Fixing myself a



There are two kinds of Oscar-caliber films: 1.) a great movie with good performances in it, 2.) a movie that was produced solely to highlight one particular actor playing a

Saving the Fun Way!

My money jar that I keep in a secret place to save up my funds.

  One important thing to point out about myself is that I am an undiagnosed shopaholic. I used to shop and shop and shop until my card was either declined

Love Can Hold Anything!

If you have a free weekend and extra scraps of wood, don’t throw them away! Create a unique shelf that can display loving photos of old friends, very true loves,

Send Your Love!


Want to get the perfect card for your loved one? The card that says everything you want it to and more? Make it yourself with just a couple of pieces